Judging Process

The Logistics Achiever Awards judges follow a specific operating process. Here we explain how the procedure has been developed and refined over the years, and has proved effective in identifying those entrants who have best met the exacting laiddown criteria in their projects being evaluated.


Entrants submit an entry form that includes a brief overview of their project on the Logistics Achiever Award website, which is logged onto the LAA schedule to ensure they are kept informed of all activities relating to the competition. There is no entrance fee.


Entrants submit an expanded entry template, detailing the project, on the LAA website. Based on the information supplied, the judges can at this stage assess the suitability of the entry.


A member of the judging panel contacts the entrant’s representative to arrange a site visit. On this visit, the entrant is expected to elaborate on the entry details, demonstrate what the company or organisation has undertaken with respect to the entry project, addressing the core issues, and answer any questions that the judges may feel are appropriate.

A visit takes between 2-4 hours depending on the nature of the entry.

The judges sign a confidentiality agreement with Logistics News regarding all information supplied to them in respect of their judging role in this competition.

As this is essentially a factfinding visit, no feedback relating to the entry status in the competition will be provided. Any comments made by the judges will be based on their personal opinions only.


To expose a sufficient number of judges to an entry, the short-listed entrants will be required to present the entry to the full panel of judges in Johannesburg.


All finalists are required to reserve a table at the blacktie Logistics Achiever Awards function. All the award winners are announced at this prestigious event.

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