What can you enter into the Logistics Achiever Awards?

The goal of the Logistics Achiever Awards is to recognise professionalism and excellence in the effective application of strategic, tactical, and operational logistics and supply chain management principles, concepts, and practices.

If you have successfully completed a logistics or supply chain management initiative in your own organisation or in partnership with others and you feel that it has achieved a level of excellence that should be recognised by the industry and your peers, we encourage you to consider putting an entry forward into the 2024 Logistics Achiever Awards.

The competition rules are:

  • All Competing Organisations are required to submit an official competition entry, as called for in this document. Entries close on 10 May 2024.
  • Organisations can submit as many entries as they see fit, provided that each entry/project is independent of one another.
  • If the company wishing to enter is a supplier of a product or service, the ideal is to have it as a joint entry by the supplier and the client, as an entry by the end-user of the product /service will be required to support verification of the results. The exact nature of the entry relationship must be stated at the outset.
  • The Judging Panel may reject any entries that they deem unsuitable, irregular, improper or untested
  • Organisations are required to be interviewed by nominated Judges, and make available to them, the site(s) in question, and information/records substantiating the declared improvement in logistics and supply chain management performance. All Judges will sign a confidentiality agreement with GIBS, and can, if required, sign a confidentiality agreement with the individual entering Organisations, provided such documents are available for signing at the time of their scheduled visit. Any and all potential conflicts of interest will be avoided wherever they are known to exist.

Due to the tight schedule of the judging process, Organisations are requested to make every effort to accommodate judge visits as soon as possible after they contact you.

  • Entries may be categorised at the discretion of the Judges to allow meaningful comparison with other entries in the same economic sector, company size or focus area.
  • It is our goal to share the successes of all winning projects with our supply chain community at large. Each project will be presented in the annual special Case Study Annual (subject to editorial review by the entering company) as well as presented to the industry as a video case study during the award function. This would require the co-operation and participation of the entrants to share relevant insights into the project on camera (also subject to editorial review by the entering company). Access to an operation may also be required for additional video footage.
  • The selection of the winners will be at the sole discretion of the Judges, and their decisions will be final. No correspondence will be entered into.

Please ensure that you have read, understood and accepted the competition rules. We will gladly answer any questions you may have regarding the rules or judging process.

e look forward to engaging with you on your entry into the Logistics Achiever Awards - you may place an entry into the awards through the link below. For any queries, please contact boxallb@gibs.co.za